Jun 17, 2013

BerZerK Gaming is an E-Sports Multi-Gaming Organisation (MGO), founded in 2012. We have always competed in the Digital Gaming League in the following gaming titles – Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. We participate in tournaments and attend as many LANs and competitions as possible.

In the year 2018 we have changed a bit and prioritized 2 strong teams to fight to get into the Masters league. The teams are dedicated and strive to be one of the best teams in SA.

  • We have always strived for the best, from 2012 to 2014 we had multiple teams going to rAge and our BF3 team going international. We had Call of Duty, Dota 2, CS:GO, Battlefield and League of Legends teams always placing in the top 10 each year. The previous owner then started his own company and the clan died out.
  • We then got a new and current owner that built the clan up again having an academy that he trained and teams he coached. He has now built up teams and prioritized 2 main teams to fight to get into the Masters Division.
  • In 2017 we had 5 teams make it to DGC rAge and all played well, specifically the CS:GO Kingz team who placed 2nd at the tournament. For 2018 we have 1 CS:GO team (Kingz) and 1 Dota 2 team (Reborn) that will fight to get into Masters.

Other Achievements from previous years

BzK-RAW – Digital Gaming Championships 2017 – 7th Place

BzK-Elevation – Digital Gaming Championships 2016 – 3rd Place

BzK-eXe MARCH ICC #COD Esports 2014 – Quarter Finals

BzK-eXe – DGL Invitational Valentines Cup 2014 – Quarter Finals

BzK-eXe – DGL December Insta Clash 2014 – Quarter Finals

BzK-eXe – Do Gaming Championships 2012 – 11th place

BzK-eXe – NAG Gaming League Finals 2011 – 5th Place

BzK-Saints – Nav Gaming CSGO May 2014 – 7th place

BzK-Saints – Orena Cup 2014 MARCH – CS:GO – 7th place

BzK-Saints – Do Gaming Insta Clash Cup 2014 – 4th place

BzK-Saints – Orena Cup DEC 2013 – CS:GO – 7th place

BzK-Saints – CS:GO -IS- Invitational 2013 – 9th place

BzK-Furia – Mweb 5v5 Tournament 2014 – 2nd place

BzK-Furia – Do Gaming Championships 2013 – 3rd place

BzK-Furia – Do Gaming League 2013 – Prem div – 4th place

BzK-Furia – Do Gaming Championships 2012 – Top 16